Linda Snouffer - Ramsey County Library — Shoreview Branch

Linda Snouffer - Ramsey County Library — Shoreview Branch

Artist’s Statement

My work begins with the foundation of sky.
The sky brings it all to life.

Ink washes representing sky, horizon, and foreground are poured on a variety of surfaces, such as tissue paper, Japanese Sumi paper, muslin, and organza. On the dried surface, I design intricate botanical print landscapes using common plants.

Multiple layers of pigment–infused fabric, tissue, and organza create an ethereal dimension.

Leaf prints are far more than simple impressions. They are dynamic components transformed into new identities: Grass blades and tassels become a prairie flowing in a soft breeze.

Banana leaves transition to a distant hillside. Flower stalks turn into solid aspen trunks.

Grasslands in Central Minnesota inspired my prairie landscapes; strolls through nature preserves moved me to fashion woodlands; my awe of natural waterways led to seascapes and shorelines.

Come. Take a walk with me.

Shoreview locals call the prairie across the street from the library, "Grass Lake." The Shoreview Library Committee commissioned me to make a replica of Grass Lake. Each of the 69—inch panels contain approximately 500 individual prints, using grasses that range in size from a few inches to almost 5 feet tall.

— Botanical Printmaking
— Dimensions: Five panels 69 x 30
— Commission: Ramsey County Library